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See the collection of software we’ve created to make your life better and more productive.

Stop the Madness: Email Snoozing Chrome Extension to Reduce your Anxiety

Stop email anxiety in its tracks! Make emails run by your chosen schedule using Stop the Madness, which lets you schedule between one and three email delivery times each day – This frees up the rest of your day for distraction-free productivity! And if you have some important people in your life (like your boss), you can whitelist their emails so that their messages get delivered right away. Stop being a slave to your inbox, and Stop the Madness today!

Really Simple Affiliate Program

Really Simple Affiliate Program allows you create an easy affiliate signup page on your website, which people can use to get an affiliate code to share your product or service with others. Using that affiliate code and link, you will see whenever that person brings in a referral from the dashboard build right into WordPress.

22 Apps – The New Website

Start with a template for your unique business or build your own app in minutes with the simple drag-and-drop interface. People spend on average 3-4 hours per day on their smartphone, creating lots of opportunities for you to make your message heard. Low email open-rates are a thing of the past!

Tribes – Social Network

From the App Store description: “Our mission is to create the first Social Network that has a positive impact on humanity and the world and currently we have NO ads. We DON’T spy on your every move. We DON’T listen to your conversations.”

More software coming soon…