Managed WordPress & Technician Hours

Summary of this Package

Maplespace’s Managed WordPress & Technician Hours package was designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs focus on their most important work, while Maplespace handles all your WordPress needs on an as-needed basis. Simply tell us how many hours of website work you’ll need per month in the form below, and we’ll be available to help you out! On top of that, we’ll monitor all of your websites to make sure they’re staying online and healthy. We’ll even take extra daily backups if you want – read on for details!

Managed WordPress Features

  • WordPress management costs $25/site if paid annually, or $30/site if paid monthly.
  • Monthly website backups (stored in North America).
  • Uptime monitoring by WordPress experts – we’ll let you know very quick if a problem is detected.
  • A completely FREE copy of the powerful Divi Theme for you to use at any time, with lifetime updates!
  • Optional Advanced Monitoring upgrades you from monthly backups to daily backups, and adds security monitoring to inform our team of any vulnerabilities caught in plugins or WordPress itself. Advanced Monitoring costs $10/site/month.

Technician Hours

  • Technician Hours can be used for adding a landing page, cleaning up the basic design of a section, adding a plugin, performing basic SEO improvements, developing a connection to a mail or CRM tool (if the technician confirms ahead of time that it’s possible to do so), performing website speed improvements, etc.
  • The hourly rate for Technician Hours is $25/hour if paid annually, or $30/hour if paid monthly.
    • Standard hourly rate outside our Technician Hours program is $80/hour, so you save big!
  • For hours that go unused in a given month, you still have access to them, because half of your unused hours that month roll over to the next month (up to 10 hours).
  • The client will be provided with access to our ticketing system for submitting web requests, which will let them differentiate higher or lower priority tasks.
  • Technicians will track their hours from within the ticketing system, so you can see exactly how many Technician Hours remain in a given month.
  • For larger requests, such as a new/rebuilt website, our Managed Websites clients are able to purchase additional packs of hours that never expire.

Billing Options

You have the choice between Annual and Monthly billing, and here are the details (note that all prices are in USD). By choosing Annual billing, you save about 20%!

Subscription Starts from $90.00 for each 1 month