Managed Websites: Additional Technician Hours

Summary of this Package

This is an additional product that can be purchased by our active Technician Hours clients. Once purchased, the client will have the chosen amount of additional Technician Hours available to them. These hours function the same as regular monthly Technician Hours, except that they will never expire and they will rollover in full if not completely used right away. When completing client requests, Maplespace will track its time against the client’s regular monthly Technician Hours first, and then against any additional hours that were purchased.

Summary of Our Technician Hours Service

  • Technician Hours can be used for adding a landing page, cleaning up the basic design of a section, adding a plugin, performing basic SEO improvements, developing a connection to a mail or CRM tool (if the technician confirms ahead of time that it’s possible to do so), performing website speed improvements, etc.
  • The Additional Technician Hours are $50/hour (note prices are in USD).
    • Our standard hourly rate outside our Technician Hours program is $150/hour, so you save at least 67%!
  • The client will be provided with access to our ticketing system for submitting web requests, which will let them differentiate higher or lower priority tasks.
  • Technicians will track their hours using Toggl, and reports will be made available to the client so they can see how many Technician Hours remain in a given month.